Image of Twice Fallen: Ladies in Waiting


Image of Twice Fallen: Ladies in Waiting

The first full-length novel in the Ladies in Waiting series is a charmer. Light, witty, adventurous and fun, it works the author’s magic on readers and they will be more than satisfied with a tale filed with gothic overtones as well as humor.

Another scandal will ruin Lady Lillian Bourne’s chance for marriage. After her failed elopement four years ago, she quietly re-entered society with the aid of the matchmaking Dowager Duchess of Eddington. She tries to be respectable, but then she’s locked in a library with Lord Damien Northfield during a party. She cannot fall twice. One of Wellington’s spies, Damien can think on his feet and manages to get them safely back to the party through a secret passageway. He can’t seem to get the lovely Lily out of his mind. Then he is drawn into one last mission: find who is blackmailing a prominent family. One of the victims is Lily’s ex-fiancé. Thrown together by the investigation, Damien uses the opportunity to woo Lily. But it becomes clear she is the key to unmasking the villain and Damien will risk everything to keep her safe and make her his own. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jan., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin