Following her husbands death, Maggie McCrae hoped to build a quiet life for herself and her 13 year old daughter Becca in a small Idaho town. Unfortunately Becca is rebelling against the isolation and Maggie is suddenly plagued by a psychic message from her twin sister Mary Theresa.

Mary Theresa has her own talk show and a string of ex-husbands and lovers. During stressful periods in their lives, the sisters have been able to communicate psychically. This time Mary Theresa warns she is in danger from her ex-husband Thane Walker. Maggie no sooner receives the cryptic message than Thane shows up looking for Mary Theresa. Maggie and Thane have a turbulent history—it was Maggie whom Thane loved when they were young, but Mary Theresa forced Thane into marriage and drove Maggie away.

Thane reports that Mary Theresa has disappeared and the police suspect foul play. Thane is also at the top of their list of suspects. Maggie feels that Mary Theresa could still be alive, but she is puzzled by the message implicating Thane. Mary Theresa has made a lot of enemies over the years, has someone finally taken their revenge?

TWICE KISSED is the newest tale of suspense, deceit and romance devised by the very popular Lisa Jackson. Treachery and passion abound in this tale. (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith