Image of Twice the Temptation


Image of Twice the Temptation

A cursed diamond is at the center of these two snappy and fun-filled interconnected novellas from bestseller Enoch. This special treat allows Enoch to combine her lighthearted historicals and her adventurous contemporaries, and it's definitely double the reading pleasure!

According to family legend, the fabled Nightshade Diamond is cursed, and bad luck follows in its wake. In 1814, Evangeline Munroe is gifted with the diamond, only to literally crash into Connell Addison, the Marquis of Rawley. Theirs is an unconventional courtship punctuated by strange occurrences. Can they beat the bad luck?

Skip ahead 200 years, and the legendary diamond resurfaces, much to the dismay of retired jewel thief Samantha Jellicoe and her billionaire lover, Rick Addison. The note from Rick's ancestors that accompanies the necklace claims it's cursed, but will this modern duo take the warning seriously? (AVON, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith