Image of Twice Tempted (Night Prince)


Image of Twice Tempted (Night Prince)

Despite fiery lovers Vlad and Leila surviving an attack by one of Vlad’s old foes, the road to romance is not going smoothly. Book two in megastar Frost’s Night Prince series illustrates the challenges facing these two and the results are not pretty. But fortunately, this means readers are in for a story that is emotionally intense, chock full of danger and violence and loaded with flaming passion. What more could you want?

Leila knows that part of her insecurity in her relationship with Night Prince Vlad is that her psychic powers are still not working, which means she’s unable to glimpse the future. The collision of sensibilities between a modern woman and medieval man forces Leila to realize that Vlad doesn’t view their relationship as she does — and, sadly, that compels her to leave. But while attempting to rebuild her life, tragedy strikes and Leila realizes she is on someone’s hit list. Who is after her and why? After recent events, does she dare to trust anyone at this point? (AVON, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith