Jillian Delaney has a problem with acting impulsively. When she finds out she hasn't been granted the job promotion she wanted, she storms off and dings up a car belonging to sexy Ethan Cooper -- the son of the woman, Debra Cooper, who was awarded the job she wanted. Upset, she quits her job on the spot and decides to take a little vacation.

Ethan has come to New Hampshire to help his widowed mother get settled. They decide to take a bus to Disney World, and guess who else is making the trip? Jill, whom Ethan finds attractive -- even if she's an accident waiting to happen. This bus ride won't be easy! Jill and Ethan's story is a hoot!

Their chemistry is hot, and Stacey's comedic timing is wonderful in this fast-paced read that delivers on all counts. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers