Running from a hangman, J.W. Walford finds an unconscious woman at an isolated ranch and feels responsible for her safety.

Recent widow Louisa Burgess awakens to find a stranger caring for her and her infant daughter. He looks like a hero come to save her from ruthless banker Titus Gillette, who holds her responsible for payment on her husband's debt.

With nowhere to turn, Louisa joins J.W and heads west. She has no idea he is on a quest for revenge. But as they travel 400 miles, posing as husband and wife and pursued by Gillette's hired gun, they forge a bond that nothing can tear asunder.

At Twilight is a powerful, unforgettable story—a western that's at once tender and gritty, passionate and exciting, with a climax that will both shock and uplift, Henderson draws a vivid portrait of the postCivil War West that comes alive with historical details and offers readers a journey of the heart. SENSUAL (Jun., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin