Bestselling author Kate Drake has returned home to Sea Haven with the idea of making it a permanent move. Also back in his hometown is recently retired Army Ranger Matt Granite, who has always been attracted to the beautiful Kate, but has felt awkward demonstrating his affections. This time Matt is not about to let her get away.

Matt has never put much stock in the whispers about the seven Drake sisters and their ties to magic—until he gets an up-close demonstration. Something ancient and evil has escaped its bondage and is threatening the citizens of Sea Haven, especially the Drake sisters. Kate and Matt will have to use all their strength to protect each other and the rest of the town.

In this heart-pounding release, the amazing Feehan delivers the second story in her saga of the seven mystical Drake sisters. Her ability to build unique situations and then create a variety of characters ensures that she will be providing extraordinary reading for a long time to come. (Nov., 293 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith