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Image of Twilight Fall


Image of Twilight Fall

Numerous characters in Viehl's vampire series need redemption and forgiveness. This hero, in particular,
is blocked by his tremendous guilt. Flawed characters are Viehl's forte, and when you mix in rapidly paced plotting, the story shines with intense and dangerous emotions. This is one highly satisfying story!

Darkyn lord Valentin Jaus has lost not only the woman he obsessed over but also his arm during a terrible fight. While visiting a wounded human under his protection at a nursing home, Valentin meets landscaper Liling Harper, a woman who brings special joy to all the patients.

But Liling's past is filled with dark secrets. When danger once again catches up with her, she must flee. Valentin offers to fly her to Atlanta, but the plane is hijacked by those who want to kill her. Forced to make a crash landing in a remote area, Valentin and Liling are wounded and on their own. To Valentin's amazement, Liling heals his paralyzed reattached arm. Where did she gain this power? And why is she being hunted by the same Brethren who want the Darkyn dead? (ONYX, Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith