Image of Twilight Magic


Image of Twilight Magic

A touch of the paranormal moves this medieval romance into a realm where passion and magic beautifully merge. Anton's always colorful history and romantic atmosphere entrance us all.

SUMMARY: Though she cares little for her psychic abilities, Lady Emma de Leon cannot deny her vision of a handsome man whose touch sets her on fire. She's as mesmerized by Darian of Bruges when she meets him in the flesh. When he's unjustly accused of murder, she shatters her reputation to save his life.

As a mercenary knight, Darian realizes he has no chance to win a true lady's heart, but with her words ringing in his ears, he has no choice but to marry Emma and satisfy the king's decree or hang for a killing he didn't commit.

Darian has pledged to rid the world of men who harm innocents, and he will do nothing to hurt Emma. But she's difficult to resist, and as he struggles to find a way to clear his name and end their marriage of convenience he finds himself falling in love. Emma too knows he's the one man she's destined to love. Nothing can stand in the way of fate. (Warner ForeveR, Dec., 320 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin