Image of Twilight of a Queen: A Novel (The Dark Queen Saga)


Image of Twilight of a Queen: A Novel (The Dark Queen Saga)

The saga of Faire Isle
concludes dramatically. Carroll's vivid portrayal
of Catherine de Medici is mesmerizing, but the evil queen does not overshadow either the romance or the strong characterization and plot that are Carroll's hallmarks.

Revolt swirls around ailing Catherine as she strives to hold onto her power. She has always used dark forces to maintain the throne, but she knows the Lady of the Faire Isle can ruin her plans. Louis Xavier, a pirate and dark arts master, is Catherine's ideal collaborator, but he has become fascinated by Lady Jane Danvers, whose bravery, loyalty and passion impress Louis.

Meanwhile, Ariane Cheney strives to protect the Faire Isle and white magic as three women war for its throne. When Ariane declares Lady Jane her successor, Jane is at the mercy of the Dark Queen, and only Louis can save her. Can one schooled in the dark arts protect the light? (Ballantine, Aug., 466 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin