The Whyte and Warren families, two powerful Boston clans, have been friends and neighbors for decades. But their world of wealth is turned upside down when husband and wife Mark Whyte and Deborah Warren Whyte are discovered shot to death on their boat off Boston harbor.

Though their deaths are originally ruled a murder/suicide, Boston detective Robert Cavanaugh unearths some disturbing truths about Mark, who was dealing in child pornography.

At the novel's heart is the relationship between Jordan, Mark's brother and an entrepreneur, and Katia, the daughter of the Warrens' longtime housekeeper. Though Katia is now a successful graphic artist, she has never recovered her confidence around Jordan, who rebuffed her years ago. And though Katia is the only woman Jordan has ever loved, past events lead him to believe that they have no future together.

Full of mystery and romantic tension, this novel is a true page turner. The saga of the Whytes' and Warrens' rise to power is every bit as captivating as the suspenseful murder and the sizzling attraction between Jordan and Katia. Readers will be unable to put this Delinsky classic down until the climactic conclusion. (Jan., 432 pp., $18.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick