Image of Twist


Image of Twist

Disease and an alien invasion set up dire consequences in Hodge's first-person, apocalyptic thriller. An everyday heroine faces a devastating new reality as both physical and emotional challenges head her way. This novel is gritty and intense to the max.

Everything Abbey Shore knows changes in an instant when she breaks through a crumbling wall during house renovations. It's already been a trying day, and Abbey ends up at the hospital needing stitches, where she meets hunky Dr. Shane Maddox. Then, behind the wall in her house, she discovers an hourglass-like object. When it starts spinning, Abbey is thrust 100 years into the future, to a postapocalyptic era.

She discovers Shane living in this new world, but he holds her responsible for when he was made a vampire 100 years earlier by an alien who was stalking her. The aliens are feeding off what is left of the human race. Can Abbey's mysterious heritage make her the human race's unwitting savior? (SHOMI, Feb., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith