Having reached the heights of success as a corporate lawyer, Val Covington now feels stuck in "no life" mode. When an unexpected windfall comes her way, she suddenly has the opportunity to start her own practice. Reinvigorated with possibilities, Val makes arrangements to rent a remodeled church for her new offices.

After meeting Val and agreeing to rent to her, Rob Smith gets caught up in her first case. Kendra Brooks, Val's assistant at the corporate firm, agrees to join Val's practice if Val will take an unusual pro bono case. Kendra's former lover—and the father of her son—was convicted of killing a cop 17 years ago. Kendra knows Daniel Monroe is innocent, and with Daniel's execution date approaching, Val might be his last hope.

Rob also agrees to help and uses his investigative skills to try to track down old and new witnesses. With the clock rapidly running out on Daniel's chances to appeal, Val is worried because she's never taken on a case with such high stakes and long odds.

TWIST OF FATE takes on the increasingly timely topic of the death penalty. By continuing to tackle difficult subjects while delivering amazing entertainment, Putney is becoming one of the most potent voices in fiction today. Powerful emotions and unforgettable characters make TWIST OF FATE one of the best books of the year. (Aug., 352 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith