Image of Twisted Creek


Image of Twisted Creek

Thomas' latest is well written and interesting. Her characters are likable and fun, but they're not always true to themselves. The love story between Allie and Luke is sweet, but it's the love between Allie and Nana that makes the story.

One day, Allie receives a letter from a lawyer in Texas. Her Uncle Jefferson has passed away and left her all of his property and possessions. Allie, who's been down on her luck for a long time, sees it as an opportune gift. The only problem: Allie doesn't have an Uncle Jefferson.

She moves to the property in Texas and finds comfort in the simple surroundings of a small lake community. Allie fears being found out and that Luke, a mysterious drifter, will be the one to do it. Luke has his own reasons for being at Jefferson's Crossing, and they have little to do with busting Allie. Who is using the abandoned cabins around the lake to make meth? (Berkley, Apr., 296 pp., $7.99)
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Victoria Frerichs