Image of A Twisted Ladder (Devils of the Briar Series)


Image of A Twisted Ladder (Devils of the Briar Series)

Hawk takes readers on a ride that doesn't stop until its chilling conclusion. Madeline LeBlanc is a character who's easy to like and extremely unusual. Her development throughout is wonderful; she's worth spending more than 500 pages with. The story starts off slow, but once the action picks up, it doesn't stop and leads readers down a mesmerizing trail. Flashbacks create tension and an intense reading experience.

Psychologist Madeline LeBlanc hasn't had an easy life, and her work has mostly been centered on trying to figure out the causes of her father's cognitive schizophrenia. After Madeline's brother commits suicide, she takes a close look at her family's past, including her own childhood in the Louisiana bayou. In the process, she brings up memories and actions that some people don't want remembered. Soon Madeline is in grave danger from those she never expected. (FORGE, Sep., 544 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer