The two men who walk into Samantha Carroll's gallery immediately raise her danger antenna. She is right to be worried, as these "gentlemen" carry an important message: Sam is not the daughter of David and Patsy Carroll; rather, she is the long-missing daughter of organized crime boss Paul Merritta. When Sam was a baby, her mother, Tracy, fled, with baby "Nicole," from the Merritta's. It was assumed they both died in a fiery car crash. Sam is also shocked to learn she has a twin brother named Nick.

Paul Merritta is dying of cancer, but before he passes on, he wants to see his daughter. At first Sam has no intention of flying to Boston, but the thought of meeting her twin proves too compelling. When Sam arrives, instead of following directions, she seeks out Nick to meet him away from the spotlight.

Nick Merritt spent his life trying to stay out of the family business. He started his own legitimate company, but convincing the FBI and IRS that he is not involved in crime is a constant struggle. Discovering his mother and his sister are alive brings mixed feelings.

The saying "you are stuck with your relatives" takes on an ominous bent in this intense and riveting new tale. TWISTED SHADOWS showcases Patricia Potter's strength for blending romance, intrigue and drama into one terrific read. (Jan., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith