TWO AGAINST THE ODDS (3) by Joan Kilby: Tax-office accountant Rafe Ellersley is sent to a small bayside village outside of Melbourne to audit artist Lexie Thatcher, who hasn’t filed taxes in several years. He knows he can’t let himself feel sorry for Lexie or he’ll lose his job and his chance at saving enough to buy a boat and start a charter business. But when he meets Lexie and is attracted to her in spite of the fact that she’s more than a decade older than he is, he starts losing his objectivity. When Lexie gets pregnant Rafe’s in a panic, but after she loses the baby he comes to realize that he loves her. Although well written with nicely drawn descriptions of the local scenery and Lexie’s art, this story is a bit emotionally unsatisfying. It feels just rather unfinished because although Lexie and Rafe are together in the end, their relationship isn’t solidly defined.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay