Ms. Millers TWO BROTHERS is actually two books in one: The Lawman and The Gunslinger. On one side you have Marshall Shay McQuillan; on the other, his identical twin, Tristan St. Laurent.

Orphaned and separated after their birth on a wagon train, the boys meet when Tristan reads their mothers diary and searches for Shay. He soon finds himself looking into a blurry mirror.

Shay lost his will to work when his fiancie died. Now he drinks away his days and nights. It takes Tristans sardonic pushing to get him moving. Not only to find the killers, but to accept his attraction to sweet waitress Aislinn Lethaby, and the chance to love again.

Tristan is another story. While Shay is straightforward, dedicated to the law, Tristan, a gunman, teases and tempts and seems to care for little. But he cares for Emily Starbuck. When he decides to buy land and become a rancher, Emily and her land title get in the way. But the real danger comes from the past Tristan thought he left behind.

TWO BROTHERS is a fun read, full of Ms. Millers simmering sensuality and humor, plus two fabulous brothers who will steal your heart. SENSUAL (Reissue, Jan., 350 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin