Taking timid Missy's place on a blind date arranged from the personals seems like a good idea to driven businesswoman Cynthia Parkins—until she discovers that he's the perfect man for her. Reconciling the syrupy ad with the hunky Ken whom she meets is nearly impossible. But Cynthia and Missy aren't the only ones playing games. Ken is actually Adam Bradson, pretending to be Ken, his timid friend. After a series of hellish double dates, Cynthia and Adam figure out the truth. Free to act on their passion, they run into a snag when mutual control issues arise. Isabel Sharpe completes her Manhunters miniseries with TWO CATCH A FOX (4), a wry and witty tale guaranteed to elicit both shudders and chuckles from anyone who's ever been on a blind date.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer