Image of Two of a Kind


Image of Two of a Kind

Fresh off her charming June release, Just One Kiss, Mallery follows up with the moving story of a delightful misfit heroine and a man emotionally damaged by imprisonment and torture. Freaky smart Felicia Swift is refreshingly honest and determined to connect with people, whereas Gideon Boylan is hoping for isolation. Their bumpy road to romance is both smile and tear inducing. Mallery is one of a kind!

Moving to Fool’s Gold with her former military buds, certified genius Felicia wants to kickstart a new life. She starts by accepting the position of being in charge of all of Fool’s Gold’s festivals. Felicia also decides to jumpstart her sex life by reconnecting with reclusive radio host Gideon, with whom she had a memorable one-night fling years ago. A former black ops agent, Gideon was the only survivor when his team was captured, imprisoned and tortured. Haunted by emotional demons, Gideon feels incapable of connecting with people, but a determined Felicia is not going to let that stop her! (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith