Image of Two Lethal Lies


Image of Two Lethal Lies

The father-daughter relationship is the real interest in Solomon’s latest work. Neesy and Mitch, the romantic duo, have almost no chemistry. Neesy, for her part, is a relatively weak heroine, so much so that all attention in this story shifts to Mitch and his quest to save his daughter.

Mitch Turner and his daughter Julia are on the run from his sadistic brother, Dutch. When they stop in the town of Crossroads and meet local residents like kindhearted Neesy Brown, it looks like father and daughter just might have a shot at normalcy. But Mitch is wary, and with good reason. When the truth about Mitch’s past is revealed and Julia is placed in Dutch’s custody, Mitch and Neesy must work to save her and have a future together. (FOREVER, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cristina Merrill