Image of Two Little Miracles (Diamond Brides #4078)


Image of Two Little Miracles (Diamond Brides #4078)
TWO LITTLE MIRACLES (4) by Caroline Anderson: On the surface, Max Gallagher and his wife Julia have it all -- a successful business and a glamorous life. But Max is a workaholic, and Julia finds their lifestyle empty. When Max doesn't get the message, she leaves. A year later, Max finds Julia living in the country with twins. He's furious because she didn't tell him he's a father but agrees to her condition for being allowed into their lives. All Max has to do is stay for two weeks without contacting his office. Easier said than done, and so is trusting each other again. Well-written characters locked in a plausible conflict will keep readers turning the pages -- and pulling for a successful reunion.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer