Dean's tale of sweeping erotic romance has compelling characters, delightful settings and a magical plot. This charming time-travel romance is sinfully addictive, and readers are going to hate
turning the last page.

Art restorer Maddy Cardinale loves her job and loathes fellow employee Cash Vinci. Gorgeous, charming and egotistical, Cash loves to bait the coolly controlled Maddy. When the two touch a charmed painting that had been sent to Cash, they are whisked to an alternate universe: an upscale nightclub in the 1940s, where Cash is a bouncer and the only thing saving Maddy's virtue is their "engagement."

Cash and Maddy have to rely on each other in the face of a jealous mobster, a jilted showgirl and forces determined to make Cash pay for past crimes. Turning to each other becomes as natural as waltzing, and Maddy and Cash's passion flares and deepens. Can it lead to the love of a lifetime? Only if they live long enough to find a way back to their own time. (Linden Bay, May '06, 234 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper