This month, Jacqueline Diamond and Charlotte Maclay team up to bring you THE BACHELOR DADS OF NOWHERE JUNCTION. During her divorce proceedings, a woman discovers that her husbands sperm was switched with a sexy mechanics and is now determined that her child know her real father. She plans on telling this man the truth but never thinks that she would discover true love for the first time. Ms. Diamonds DESIGNER GENES (3) is a comical tale with witty dialogue, humorous scenes and fun characters.

A gorgeous rancher gets a TWO FOR ONE! (4) deal when a lovely courier delivers twin babies to his doorstep, claiming theyre his. Believing that hes sterile, he has a hard time accepting this and yet finds that he cant turn his back on them and the woman who brought them into his life. Using engaging scenes, Ms. Maclay pens a charming tale with lovable characters and an endearing conflict.

Reviewed by: 
S. Short and D. Richardson