Image of Two Rivers


Image of Two Rivers

Greenwood's book of redemption and forgiveness starts on a jarring note, bouncing between three time periods and two voices. But once you get used
to the rhythm, a fascinating story that's peopled by flawed characters who are sympathetic and real emerges.

Harper Montgomery's life is defined by grief and guilt -- soul-deep grief that constrains his life more than a decade after his young wife died in a car accident, and guilt for his role in a brutal, long-ago murder. The result has been a narrow life. He works at the local train depot and tries ineptly to care for his daughter -- until a train derails in Two Rivers. Harper offers to take in one of the survivors, a pregnant 15-year-old girl. But soon he suspects that her appearance is a link to his past. Can Harper make tentative steps to loving again and forgiving himself? (Kensington, Jan., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison