Image of Two Sinful Secrets (The Scandalous St. Claires)


Image of Two Sinful Secrets (The Scandalous St. Claires)

McKee delivers a fun romp in the second of the Scandalous St. Claires series. As the heroine and hero spar over gambling, stolen kisses and a 200-year-old diary, readers are gifted with a light, sexy romance that is more ordinary than innovative, yet still humorous and sensual enough to satisfy those who will enjoy the characters’ experiences.

Newly widowed Sophia Huntington is banished from her powerful family and lives by her wits in a foreign port — until she must escape the evil designs of a man who wants her as his mistress. Sophia lands in Paris, but when Dominic St. Claire arrives, a past, forbidden encounter bursts into new passion. Dominic has never forgotten the masked woman who stole his heart. He pursues Sophia and then discovers she possesses his ancestor’s diary. What begins as a plot to destroy his enemy soon turns to unexpected love. Will the families’ centuries-old hatred ruin any chance at happiness, or will another man’s greed destroy them both? (FOREVER, Nov., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black