Image of Two Times As Hot (An Oklahoma Nights Romance)


Image of Two Times As Hot (An Oklahoma Nights Romance)

Oklahoma may be an unlikely place for a New Yorker to fall in love, but Johnson makes it a twofer in this follow-up to One Night With a Cowboy that gives big sister Emma a chance at romance. The somewhat tried-and-true plot is elevated by the strong male lead — a handsome, stand-up guy who takes responsibility, cares about people and is deserving of a HEA. His maturity is refreshing, and sometimes missing, in the genre.

Bossy Emma nudged her younger sister Becca into a new life in Oklahoma where she found her fiancé. When Emma shows up for the wedding, two sexy Southerners have their eye on her — and she’s ready for some action. Logan, ROTC commander at OSU, thinks fun, casual sex is fine, but decides he wants something more with Emma. As he figures out how to convince her, their relationship gets sidetracked by unexpected complications and Emma goes back to New York. But Emma has a surprise of her own. (BRAVA, Oct., 304 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan