THE TWYLIGHT TOWER takes a look at one of history's most enduring mysteries, the
death of Amy Robsart Dudley. Ms. Harper has done her research well and comes up
with an interesting spin on the story. Fans of historicals as well as mysteries
will enjoy this book

Elizabeth Tudor has sat on the throne of England for almost two years but intrigues still plague the court. She does find companionship with Robert Dudley, although many of her courtiers disapprove of her alliance with the married Dudley.

Although things are going smoothly for the Queen, tragedy strikes when her favorite lutenist plunges to his death. The death is unexplained...did he fall or was he helped to his death? Suspicion lingers on, with hints of a conspiracy to overthrow the Queen.

When more deaths occur, including one that remains a mystery to this day, it becomes apparent that the Queen has an enemy who will stop at nothing to see her destroyed. Using all of her wits, it is up to Elizabeth Tudor herself to find out who is responsible for the mysterious deaths.

(Feb., 304 pp., $6.99 - Hardcover published March 2001.)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg