Image of The Tyburn Waltz


Image of The Tyburn Waltz

MacKeever expertly combines romance, humor, passion and mystery to create a gripping and entertaining novel. The primary and secondary characters are well developed and will elicit multiple emotional responses from readers throughout the novel. This book is a keeper you’ll want to re-read often.

Julie Wynne is not your average companion to a society matron. She is a criminal who’s being blackmailed into committing thefts for a notorious crime lord. However, she is in danger of being recognized by one of her former marks, Ned Fairchild, the current Earl of Dorset. Since the little slip of a housebreaker got away, Ned cannot get her off of his mind. When he encounters her in one of London’s most fashionable ballrooms, he is intrigued. As Ned gets to know Julie, he becomes more enamored. Can Ned get her to trust him with her secrets and come to him for protection? (VINTAGE, Nov., 285 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart