Hand-picked by the senior partner of Fortune-Rockwell Investments to fix a predecessor's errors, business analyst Christina Mendoza still finds herself justifying her presence to junior partner Derek Rockwell. Despite a previous problem with workplace sexual harassment and Derek's reputation as a womanizer, she finds him very attractive. Though Christina tries to resist, she falls under Derek's spell. But can they beat the odds and stay together for more than one night? For A Tycoon in Texas (2), Crystal Green created a likable heroine in Christina, but her actions make her seem either very naive or just too stupid to live. Her backstory makes it clear that her earlier sexual harassment experience was quite harrowing and affected her life in many negative ways. It's confusing and disappointing then to see her risk getting involved with her chauvinistic jerk of a boss, who doesn't seem like a keeper.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer