Image of In the Tycoon's Debt (Silhouette Desire, No. 1967)


Image of In the Tycoon's Debt (Silhouette Desire, No. 1967)
IN THE TYCOON'S DEBT (4) by Emily McKay: Genevieve "Evie" Montgomery will do anything to protect her little brother, including going to her ex-husband, security expert Quinn McCain. Fourteen years ago, Evie and Quinn eloped and her father forced Evie to sign annulment papers to keep him out of jail. He left town and joined the military. Now Evie's brother owes a lot of money to the wrong people, so she swallows her pride and asks Quinn for the money. Her sudden reappearance throws him off balance. To make her go away quickly he offers a bargain: the money she needs for the wedding night he was denied. Soon Evie and Quinn must put aside their hurt feelings to catch a thief, but is the thief Evie's brother? Complicated and compelling characters yield a complex and surprising story.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper