Image of The Tycoon's Son


Image of The Tycoon's Son
The future of Trish Melrose's company, Excursion Plus, depends on convincing tour operator Theo Catomeris to renew his contract with the Liberty Line. But Theo refuses to do business with its owner, Elias Stamos, his father. It's a thorny situation, complicated by an attraction between Trish and Theo. Trish doesn't give up -- and then meeting his two half-sisters on Alexandra's Dream softens Theo and leads to a romance with Trish. But her life's in the States, and Theo's home and responsibilities are in Greece -- and there's no getting around that. Cindy Kirk's The Tycoon's Son (3) is a sweet romance with some lovely settings, and Theo's a throwback to old-fashioned Greek heroes -- in a good way. But the slightly saccharine heroine detracts a bit.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer