Image of The Tycoon's Temporary Baby


Image of The Tycoon's Temporary Baby

THE TYCOON’S TEMPORARY BABY (3) by Emily McKay: To keep custody of her niece, Wendy Leland is ready to quit her job and move to Texas. Executive Jonathon Bagdon doesn’t want to lose the best administrative assistant his company has ever had, though, so he offers her marriage so she’ll have the stability for a custody fight. Wendy is hesitant but she’s determined to keep the baby. What aloof Jonathan is not prepared for, however, is the way Wendy and her small bundle peel back the layers of his heart and burrow in deep. Though the romance itself is touching, the soap-opera drama of a rich and manipulative family on one side and a family estrangement on the other takes away from the tale.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper