There's nothing more romantic this June than Silhouette Romance beginning with THE TYCOON'S TOTS (4) by Stella Bagwell. All a spirited woman wants is to adopt her half-siblings and raise horses. But when the babies' handsome uncle stakes his claim to the children, she finds herself fighting more than a custody battle. Filling the pages with gentle passion, a sensitive hero and a strong heroine, Ms. Bagwell weaves a tender love story for our reading pleasure.

Sandra Steffen once again treats readers to the zany characters of Jasper Gulch in LUKE'S WOULD-BE BRIDE (4). When a spunky teacher arrives in town, the sinfully sexy local veterinarian falls for the lady hard and fast. Ms. Steffen mingles her lighthearted style with a creative storyline and passionate interplay.

Talented storyteller Leanna Wilson sets the sparks flying in LONE STAR RANCHER (4). A rugged cowboy takes exception to a lovely bookstore manager's plans to sell the very ranch he intends to call home. Ms. Wilson brings a wonderful intensity to her engaging characters that makes this love story special.

Elizabeth August introduces readers to another Smytheshire descendent in THE DETERMINED VIRGIN (3). A lovely woman in need of a husband to keep her inheritance buys the personal services of a security expert and then decides that no refunds will be allowed. Although the pacing is initially slow, Ms. August's unique characters and fiery sensual tension provide fine entertainment.

A lovely amnesiac wakes up in the hospital pregnant with HER FORGOTTEN HUSBAND (3) attentively at her side. But as she slowly learns to accept his love, she begins to sense that he's hiding a terrible secret. Anne Ha pulls readers to her warmly drawn characters and their struggles, but deception as the main conflict mars an otherwise touching love story.

Closing the month on a high note is THE BACHELOR'S BABY (3) by Teresa Southwick. A night of passion leads to quite a surprise for a beautiful accountant and a sexy rancher. Now they must work backwards from baby to courtship and hopefully to love. Although it takes the heroine too long to trust the hero, Ms. Southwick's appealing characters, smooth writing style and gentle romance make this book very good reading.

Reviewed by: 
Pamela B. Cohen