Image of The Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant


Image of The Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant
Kate Denton can't believe she's in Las Vegas -- in hotel owner Zack Boudreaux's office in her bra and underwear. She thought she came on a business trip, but her boss had other ideas. Now she has no clothes and no money to get home. Zack suggests they have a few days of fun, and he'll see that she gets home. They compromise. She'll work as his personal assistant during the day, and the nights are for them. The arrangement seems ideal, until Kate starts to fall in love, and Zack wants no part of it. Heidi Rice nicely sets up a seductive cat-and-mouse game. At first it seems that The Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant (3) will be all surface, but then it digs beyond to paint a vivid picture of two people scared to fall in love because of past hurts.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers