As a child, Tykota Silverhorn is sent to live with the white man for his protection. He returns to take his place as chief of the Perdenelas, the meanest and bravest of the Apaches. His enemies are waiting for him and attack his stagecoach. Ty barely escapes with his life and a spirited white woman.

Makinna Hillyard is on her way to California when she suddenly finds herself lost in the Texas desert, depending on an Apache for her survival. During their perilous flight, the two fall in love despite their differences. But Indian law forbids Ty from marrying outside his race.

When his enemy kidnaps Makinna, Ty risks all to save his beloved. The lovers steal a brief moment of happiness, before destiny intrudes. Now Ty is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to fulfill his promise to his peoplethe woman he loves.

Constance OBanyon delivers a gripping and emotionally charged tale of love, honor and betrayal. Sensual (May, 382 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer