Image of The Tyrant's Law (The Dagger and the Coin)


Image of The Tyrant's Law (The Dagger and the Coin)

Abraham has built the world of the Dagger and the Coin with great deliberation through the series — he has not rushed the tale, nor has he pushed the characters in directions they would not or could not go. The time taken has worked to perfect effect in this third book, wherein each character is crafted to perfection and the story comes to its own monumental, glorious peak. Kit and Marcus steal the book with their fabulous realizations and their fantastic dialogue. Easily the best of the series, and perhaps the best book this reviewer has read in the last 12 months!

Geder Palliako’s tyrannical rule has only continued to propel the races of humanity from war into war. Increasingly, the influence of the priests of the Spider Goddess is being exposed and the rebellion is afoot. Cithrin bel Sarcour has the key to getting into Geder’s trusted circle, but must decide what risks she is willing to take to do so. Marcus and Kit journey through the jungles and risk death in their quest to kill the Spider Goddess. Meanwhile, Clara and Vincen Coe use subtlety and court wiles to undermine Palliako from within — but will their efforts, any of them, be enough? (ORBIT, May, 528 pp., $17.00)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs