Annie McFay waits tables in Steadfast, Kansas, adores her 8-year-old daughter and agonizes over her husband, Cal. Since giving her life to Christ, Annie has been shocked by Cal's hostility toward her new faith. Their marriage is threatened when Cal delivers THE ULTIMATUM (4)— Jesus or him. Cal's rejection of God and the secrets he hides draw him into the orbit of Jered Manson, who ran away out of rebellion and got sucked into a ring of theft and murder with a dangerous man. A hostage crisis may cost Cal his life and his family, until his wife makes the ultimate sacrifice. With her usual deft hand for characterization and plot, Nancy Moser takes a stirring look at love on the cutting edge. Moser's tale delivers readers an ultimatum— will we choose to save our lives or give them in sacrifice for others? (Mar., 418 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson