Endekian woman have always been prisoners of their unique biology. Unlike other females, Endekian females must mate once their bodies enter the Boktai state or they will die. Endekian doctor Alara Calladar is determined to unravel the biological secret that has made her gender almost sex slaves on their planet.

Captain Xander of the Verazen, a Rystani warrior and sworn enemy of the Endeki, is on a desperate mission to try and find a cure for a deadly plague that is spreading rapidly throughout the galaxy. Alara's special ability to look at individuals and see their DNA sequencing could be invaluable. Kidnapping Alara seems the best bet, but, because of the Boktai state, Xander may find himself getting much closer to her then anticipated. With the plague spreading to all life forms, finding the "Perceptive Ones" may be their only hope.

In this third chapter of Kearney's outstanding futuristic series, Xander from The Challenge is all grown up and major hero material. Sizzling sex is a major component in Kearney's books and, once again, she manages to find unique ways to increase the tension and sexuality. With all this fast-paced action, sensuality and adventure, you can't go wrong. (Feb., 360 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith