With her circle of strange friends, her slightly outrageous outlook on life and a determination to make it as an investigator, Jane Kelly strikes again, and Bush has another hit on her hands. Not only does she wind together the ends of two unrelated investigations, she deftly blends comedy and mystery in this fast-paced and charming novel. With more episodes involving Jane's adorable pug, Binky, and her sexy hunk of a boss, Dwayne, it's a win-win situation for readers.

Brand-new P.I. Jane gets wrapped up with the slightly unbalanced Purcell family again when Violet "Ultraviolet" Purcell becomes a suspect in the murder of one of her ex-husbands. When plastic surgery magnate Roland Hatchmere's body is found hours before his daughter's wedding, the suspects lay as thick as orange blossoms on the expensive carpeting.

It could have been his spoiled socialite daughter, estranged druggie son, almost-ex-wife or perhaps the band of burglars that have been committing crimes based on the wedding plans of their victims. (Kensington, Oct., 361 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper