Image of Un-Veiled


Image of Un-Veiled

Anyone who's ever confided in her hairdresser, or anyone just looking for an easy read, will appreciate Rendahl's latest. While there are some predictable plot points early on, and the ending leaves some issues unresolved, there
are unexpected twists that will keep
you engaged.

Everyone knows that hairdressers truly are the keepers of secrets. That's certainly true of Cinnamon and Ginger Zimmerman of Do It Up, where the motto is: "What happens at Do It Up stays at Do It Up." This includes pregnancies, stalkers, affairs and numerous family secrets.

Cinnamon and Ginger are no exception. They also have secrets. For Cinnamon, it's the identity of her daughter's father. Ginger dreams of leaving town and becoming a physician's assistant. But when family secrets start to unravel, her dream is threatened. Faced with a difficult decision, Ginger is about to discover that an old, familiar saying is true: "The truth shall set you free." (DOWNTOWN, Jun., 272 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee