From innocent youth to a parent in mourning, UNAFRAID (4) brings the mother of Jesus to life in a compassionate, non-melodramatic style. Though the story is historical, readers will find the simplicity and experiences in the book relevant for any generation. As a young woman, an angel visits a betrothed Mary and tells her she will bear the Christ child. It is almost incomprehensible for Mary to believe that God would use a peasant woman to carry the Messiah. And when it seems like a long time before Jesus can begin His ministry, she struggles with her own feelings and desires. Francine Rivers does a wonderful job of helping readers see the heart of Mary and to empathize with her loss. For yes, we know that God gave His son to die for our sins, but Mary had to let go of Him as well. A difficult task for any parent, earthly or not. Readers will find this book worth reading more than once, and definitely a great gift idea. (Oct., 165 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston