Ex-Houston police detective turned temp P.I. Jack Fury is broke and desperate enough to be scrounging in the garbage for information on his buddy's high-priced client, fledgling starlet Celeste Fortune. Cassie Boudreaux, a dead ringer for her celebrity cousin, is asked to pose as Celeste to throw the media off the adulterous Celeste's track. When it becomes clear that Cassie—as Celeste—is in danger, Jack uses the chance to get closer to her by playing Interpol investigator/protector. With both Jack and Cassie lying about who they are, can they determine whom they really love? Amanda Stevens, as usual, has a way of justifying the seemingly unjustifiable. Unauthorized Passion (4) involves readers from the start and boasts characters both entertaining and real.
Reviewed by: 
Kimberley Harvey