Image of Unbreakable (The Legion)


Image of Unbreakable (The Legion)

Unbreakable takes readers on a wild ride! With an original, twisty plot and a realistic, exciting world, this is a one-sitting read. Garcia’s lovable characters are the true highlight, and readers will quickly become wrapped up in their humor, loyalty and bravery.

Kennedy Waters believes she’s leading a completely normal life, even as it begins falling apart when she finds her mother dead. Only when twins Jared and Lukas crash into her bedroom and save her from a murderous spirit does Kennedy begin to realize that there are many dark and dangerous things in the world — ones that live just beneath the radar. The twins also come bearing the news that Kennedy’s mom was one of five members of the Legion, a group tasked with keeping the world safe from these deadly demons. And now it is Kennedy’s duty to take her place. (LITTLE, BROWN, Oct., 320 pp., $18.00, ISBN: 9780316210171, HC, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Julie Knowles