Image of Unbreakable: A Section 8 Novel


Image of Unbreakable: A Section 8 Novel

Unbreakable is the second in Tyler’s three-part series. Building on Surrender, Unbreakable keeps the action rolling at breakneck pace. This is a military-style thriller with surprising depth. You won’t find a sexier bad boy than Gunner, or a better match for him than Avery. This takes intrigue, danger and passion to a whole new extreme!

Gunner is the son of double agents, so he was introduced to the hard world of espionage at a tender age. Since his father made him work for international smuggler Drew Landon, Gunner fears he’ll put the other mercenaries of Section 8 in danger, so he vanishes. Avery knows why Gunner disappeared. The only real way to keep him safe is to fake his death and start over. First, she has to find him. When she does, Gunner isn’t the man she once knew. He’s dangerous, desperate and bent on self-destruction. Avery is the only one who can help him slay the demons of his past for good. (SIGNET, Nov., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes