Image of Unbridled


Image of Unbridled

The sex may be sizzling in Unbridled, but the plot and characters need work before they can hold all the lust together in this uninspired entry.

Ten years after Alex Finley fled her family’s Wyoming ranch, raging at her philandering father and grieving over her mother’s death, she’s back to settle her past and find her future. But she discovers her family ranch is now a resort, and the sexy cowboy she nearly assaulted in a drunken stupor is running the place. Connor Matthews stands to lose a lot if Alex fights her late father’s will and, since she’s already at war with her stepmother and even ticked at her adolescent stepbrother, that’s pretty likely. Still, he can’t seem to resist the flaming lust she raises in him. Now, he has to try to keep Alex happy at home or watch her sell out to a neighboring rancher who needs the water rights so she can flee her past yet again. (HEAT, Jul., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper