Image of Uncertain Allies (Connor Grey, Book 5)


Image of Uncertain Allies (Connor Grey, Book 5)

Del Franco’s dogged Druid hero Connor Grey last helped stop a bloodbath, but the cost was high. As he continues to rise from the ashes of his former life, Connor’s adaptability and conscience continue to make him an engaging hero. Del Franco’s alternate reality is growing darker and more threatening, making for outstanding entertainment!

With help of Meryl Dian and Eorla Elvendottir, Connor stopped the dreaded Taint driving the Fey to murderous madness. However, the end result was Meryl being trapped in a coma-like state. The tension between Queen Maeve of the Celtic Fey and Teutonic Elven King Donor Elfenkonig is ever closer to war. Connor is allied with Eorla, who has sent up her own Court in the Weird. The dark mass in Connor’s head blocking his powers seems to be evolving and he knows he must stop his old nemesis Bergin Vize. (ACE, May, 300 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith