Judge Deborah Knott has been asked to serve as justice in the equitable distribution portion of the divorce case between James Lucas Nordan and his wife Sandra Kay. The Nordans are one of North Carolinas wealthiest and most famous families and the distribution of assets is going to be tough.

James Lucass family suffered a tremendous loss when his gifted brother committed suicide two years earlier. More tragedy is still to come, however, for James Lucas is murdered before Deborah can finalize the agreement.

Deborah is saddened but intrigued by the murder and wonders if the crime has anything to do with his brothers suicide. Her unbridled curiosity as well as her role as judge lead her to investigate, but when yet another death occurs, even Deborah is not prepared for the reason behind the Nordans tragedies.

UNCOMMON CLAY is a novel that literally bursts with tension. Maron sets the scene brilliantly and readers are instantly caught up in the story of the Nordan family. Tragic and compelling, this tale will not leave you untouched. (May, 272 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg