The unique talents of Monique Ellis are on wonderful display in her newest innovative Regency love story.

Lady Amelia Peasebottom is desperate. After fleeing from her parents plan to marry her off to a loathsome social climber, she nows finds herself in London starving in a garret, so to speak, hoping that someone will be willing to hire her as a governess. At the very least she will have to disguise her beautiful golden curls and pretend to be an older lady before anyone would consider her for such a position.

Mr. Valentine North could care less about the personal attributes of the nanny he must engage to take care of a recently deceased friends orphaned children. In fact, the less she bothers him, the better. He is so determined to avoid involvement with either governess or children, he is willing to pay a bonus for every week that his new employee leaves him alone.

Only a lady of intrepid spirit could triumph over these unsettling conditions of employment and win the heart of a seemingly care-for-nothing gentleman.

Although it takes quite a while to see through the uncaring demeanor of the hero to the loyal heart underneath, a piquant cast of characters and a splendid resolution create a memorable reading experience. (Sep., 271 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer