Image of An Uncommon Grace: A Novel


Image of An Uncommon Grace: A Novel

Here’s a wonderful love story with amazing characters who find comfort in each other and start the healing process. Miller is a talented author who writes from her heart and brings the reader on a wonderful journey. Her characters are always strong, both in mind and spirit.

Grace Connor has missed the quietness of Holmes County and her grandmother. She comes home from Afghanistan to help her sister care for their grandmother and the farm. Levi Troyer arrives home to find his stepfather dead and his mother in serious condition after an attack by an unknown intruder. Being very conservative Amish, he will need to make some uncomfortable decisions. Grace notices police cars and the nurse in her kicks in. She arrives at the scene and helps Levi with his mother. Levi knows he can never have a relationship with Grace since she isn’t Amish, but he starts questioning his beliefs and wonders if his love would be strong enough to suffer the shunning and not being able to interact with his family. Meanwhile, Grace wonders if she could live with Levi in his world. (HOWARD, Apr., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans